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YCI: The Poem


You act like you were tossed

into your life as a spectator

When you’ve been the boss of

your life and the dictator


Bad luck - Good luck – Coincidental things

Oh, It’s a fluke – by chance or on a humbug.




ONLY a sequence of events that the

uniformed mind just can’t explain.

We’re born out of the invincible

Like tornadoes spin out of hurricanes


It’s almost irrefutable that we created

Our own pains from things

That is tailor made by our words,

Thoughts and things.

We created our failures and shortcomings


To our subconscious that’s connected to the

Universe, speech is not a fling.

It’s all on the same frequency

It’s not divided, it clings


Thoughts, words and deeds

Are all electrical entities

That attaches themselves to similar energies

To form a reality – cluster


We hurt ourselves when we frequently

Put bad energy

Into the universe, delinquently

Causing our life to lack luster


Something happens in your life I say

“you created it”

you say “no I didn’t”

I say “you must’ve”


Conditions just don’t happen, you’ve sewed it

Either by design or default

Your future, you mold it.

When all those secrets come back

Don’t get mad because you told it.

When people call to collect

Don’t get stressed because you owed it.


Everything in your life you created it


Either by karmic need

Or karmic deed

Thoughts, actions, and language

All shape a karmic seed

Your goals are damaged from the beginning

Even with the words you speak


“I’m too fat, I’m too tall

I’m not smart enough, I’m too short

I’m not ready, it’s too hard

It’s impossible, it will never work


One thing is for certain

These are self inflicted curses

That makes you cast your own burdens


Don’t use the language of skepticism or pessimism

Know the difference

Between the spirit and the souls mysticism

Then you’ll know

Never to eternalize negative criticism


The soul merely accepts it

Whatever the spirit suggested

So if your worlds not right

YOU CREATED IT from your mental messes

Repeating all the worlds ignorant cliché’s

With mixed messages

We need to protect the children

Because it stains the brains from the adolescences


The soul doesn’t experience death nor birth

It comes before the cradle and

Leaves before the hearse

The souls energy existed long before the earth.


So don’t complain about your so-so life

Because it evolved from a self-made

Mode of your prototype.

Our lack of spiritual knowledge

Promotes our spiritual misusage

Our spirits help create the world

But not the excuses


This world is a direct result

Of the energy we weave.

You don’t get what you want,

What you hoped for or what you dreamed.


Unless you incorporate the things you do

And what you believe.

Success is formed when your

Beliefs, thoughts, words, and actions convene.


Energy is in everything

But it’s scattered

It flows through our seven chakras

Picking up our own individual energy pattern

This is how our life is fashioned


So when you talk negative about someone

Or if you’re just the negative type

You’re constantly shaping, molding and

Sculpting the details of your life.


Even if no one hears you and you just

Whisper negativity in the corner

The universe has eyes and ears

It takes your thoughts and words evolve

them into form

and send them right back to the owner


You have to cut negative people

And negative thoughts loose

Don’t exaggerate and measure the wrong.

Angle of a situation but measure

The right angle like the hypotenuse


Egypt has the world’s clues

Your birth was your cue

To come into this world

And make it do what it do.

If you don’t think you created your

Own life, that’s not even an iota of truth

Because prayers and meditation

Discipline and dedication

Is essential to maximize human potential

And get away from mediocre use


How well do you manage your food?

That inspires illness and creates the excess

Weight, that contributes to your moods


You have to be careful today

Because right now, you are painting a world

That tomorrow, you’re going to walk into


The world was a blank canvas

We’re the Rembrandt’s and the Van Gogh’s

The Leonardo Da Vinci’s

And the Picasso’s

Our thoughts, words, and deeds are the

Paint brushes that we dipped into the paint

Of the cosmos


We even created music with the

seven to twelve musical notes.

The rhythms attract or repels

The spirits our life invokes

Bad energy will find a life to possess

Like a virus finds a host.

Life doesn’t just fail

It’s provoked.




Your sovereignty or poverty

Everyone wants riches but lacks generosity

But true wealth comes from treating

People properly,

            Which reminds me.


We have created entirely

Too many human collisions and divisions

Because of past down superstitions

And religions that it has become

So despicable

How all of our views become so

One dimensional

When we reach these religious pinnacles

That are not pivotal

They become pitiful

Because we forget about human beings

And start praising customs and rituals

Instead of being spiritual


Don’t get me wrong!


It’s okay to pray

In the name of the baby

That was born in the manger

But even he said that faith without works


So, you are your own Savior.




We all have thirty six thousand genes

With three point two billion chemical bases

And you still running around here

Blaming all of your failures on other races


Try blaming your failures on all

Those aimless conversations,

Not taking in the proper information,

Failing to execute in a timely manner

Because of procrastination,

Too caught up with physical sensation

And every dollar you make

And every outfit you buy

Your motive is to attract a mate

For sexual gratification.


We’ve missed it

We have to fix it

We’re too disconnected from our spirit.

When that quiet voice inside tries to

Tell us something.

We’re so detached and confused that

We can’t even hear it.


Know thyself was taught before the pyramids

Know that first because that’s the real genesis.

The advances our human race has made

on this planet are historical. 

When we’re tapped in and humble to

our higher selves we see like Oracles.


All the destruction, ignorance, chaos, and

Conflicts in the world but yet and still

It all evolved from our freewill


Stress and fears are also energies

Creating images

And bringing that reality near


Stop blaming others for your life

It’s your creation.

Have the courage to go beyond

Book sense and your frustrations.


Then ask yourself is your intelligence

Quite as powerful as your imagination


Because the whole world is nothing but

The physical manifestations

Of all of our imaginations.


So if you don’t like your life

            JUST CHANGE IT


                                    YOU CREATED IT








                                                                                                Author: Charles A Dunn